Anything is Possible

As an educator, one quote I have always had on my soft board is “Anything is possible.” And while I meticulously worked at making everything possible, there were times when I did not succeed. More so in the last two years…. I have led gypsy-like existences, much to the consternation of all those who know me – family, friends and professionals.  Moved from one to another, and “the rolling stone” was not viewed very kindly! The ‘dis’-ease manifested physically and vortex of emotional turmoil totally churned my inner being.

The transformation opened newer possibilities – I learned to forgive myself and others; I learned to accept the things as they are; I learned not to judge anybody or anything; and most importantly got over my obsession with perfectionism. This journey of insight made me realize that striving for perfection is like a two-edged weapon – irrational on one side and inhibitive on the other.

It also dawned on me that we need to forgive ourselves for our mistakes and failings. We have always been conditioned to look down upon failure as something that is worthy of punishment – not only by others, but also by us! This “F” word sets off a trigger that makes us reactive, not responsive. The result – failure reframed and I learned what failure-resiliency is all about. When I knew deep within me that I can always bounce back, I learned to keep the trampoline springs of my mind in good condition so that each time I fall, I can bounce back resiliently!

Nothing can capture the essence of this journey of possibilities better than this beautiful and heart-warming video from the You Tube.


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